SUZUKI was founded since 1920, not long before it became the transportation’s technology leader such as Diamond Free motorbike and lightweight car, Suzulight. Suzuki commits to be the automotive leader by using many computer’s design technologies in large projects. It also continues to research and develop in order to invent new and more modern technologies.

Human’s feelings and thoughts are necessary for product development. They are brought into value evaluation of invention to maximize quality.

Research and development Center of Suzuki created a fundamental research and adapted it with future technology which is challenging and needs precise evaluation. With qualified staffs who are determined to create favorable products, the designs and control of technologies, materials and electronics are always put into thoughts.

Suzuki always develops new ideas of automotive that are relelated to environment.

At Ryuyo Test Course, there are various kinds of tests through days and nights.

Sinata Plant is where the brake system tests are taken place such as ABS system and car structure design to ensure the safety of the vehicles.

Safety and trust are the results of high level engineering of Suzuki. Every test takes place at the plant and on track which emulates different kinds of harsh usage repeatedly until the products are met with Suzuki’s standard.

An accurate inspection covers safety, trust, comfort and environmental effect.

Suzuki’s motorbike and car are involved in race competition all over the world which needs highest level technology to improve new products.


Located near the central business district of Japan, it is the center of all the production activities. Other plants of Suzuki are also located around here.

TAKATSUKA Plant is located at the center among other plants. It produces engine equipment, motorbike’s engines and production machine.
OSUKA Plant produces vehicle spares.
SAGARA Plant is a car construction plant.
KOSAI Plant produces various types of regular car.
IWATA Plant produces vans and other vehicles that are used for relaxation. It is the plant that has most advanced technology.
TOYOKAWA Plant produces motorbike and boat’s engines.

Every Suzuki’s production line use advanced technology which is the result of unstopping development and research and also the determination of every staff in every process of work.

Automated production line uses robot to connect the body and computer to control the color spraying.

Suzuki’s vehicle production started in 1955 and this led to production of different kinds of vehicle, from customized minicompact cars to cars for relaxation.

Suzuki’s motorbikes were first produced in 1952. Up until now, there are engines from 50 – 1400 cc.

Moreover, Suzuki also produce boat engines from 2 – 200 horsepower for different sizes of boats and desires of customers.

With sharp eyes of the experts, the products are examined before being delivered to the customers. Suzuki’s products are from advanced production and staff’s determination.

Suzuki’s service networks are all over the world to create trust and be ready to support customers as soon as needed.

With international corporation, Suzuki’s plants can supply products according to the market needs and also export to other countries for sales.


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Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd has important role in environment protection through corporation with our suppliers because we concern about society and sustainable development.

Our organization supports “Green Buying and Hiring” which is a policy that means “we buy materials that are environmental friendly from suppliers with environmental friendly method”.

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