5-year warranty program

Feel confident with “5-year warranty program”

The special program allows you to ​

have your vehicle​

Taken care of for much longer​

Suzuki Care Protection 5-year warranty program

Extending your warranty

to 5 years


150,000 km.

Special benefits from Suzuki Care Protection – Cause We Care*
All models for just Bt7,900 only**

  • Long warranty coverage for new cars extended to 5 years or 150,000 km.
  • Extend our 24-hour emergency assistance service for another two yearsMore details
  • Unlimited times of repairs free of charge according to the special extended warranty program***
  • Immediate protection when the 3-year/100,000-km limited warranty expires, whichever occurs first
  • Eligible for services at Suzuki service centers countrywide


  • *Receive protection benefits immediately When the standard warranty from the manufacturer expires
  • **The aforementioned price is inclusive of VAT Models eligible for this program must be the Suzuki Celerio, Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Ertiga and Suzuki XL7, which were sold by authorized Suzuki dealers only, and which have received scheduled standard maintenance and servicing as specified by Suzuki in accordance with the service history booklet and the owner’s manual.
  • ***For vehicles that are no more than 33 months old, or 90,000 km, whichever comes first, counting from the date of delivery from an authorized dealer.

For more information, call 1-800-600-900 or contact a Suzuki Dealer near you.

What is not covered by the warranty

  1. Suzuki vehicles that have not received servicing from 1,000 km to 150,000 km at an authorized dealer’s service center within the time and mileage recommendations as described in the warranty and service records booklet.
  2. Suzuki vehicles that have not received servicing at a Suzuki service center authorized by Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
  3. Suzuki vehicles that have undergone modifications and alterations beyond the manufacturer’s vehicle standards.
  4. Suzuki vehicles that have been used as a rental, a race car, or a taxi or Suzuki vehicles that have been misused in a manner that resulted in damage, wear, tear or failure that has developed more prematurely than under normal use.
  5. Suzuki vehicles that have been installed with components or parts that are not genuine and these parts may cause consequential damage to other parts.
  6. Suzuki vehicles that have used fuel or lubricants other than those recommended in your Owner’s Manual.
  7. Suzuki vehicles that have been damaged in disasters and conditions like earthquakes, windstorms, floods, fires, hail, acid rain, sea water, chemicals and droppings.
  8. Suzuki vehicles that have been damaged in theft and an accident.
  9. Suzuki vehicles’ front and rear windshields and window glass panes that have been damaged in events other than those resulting from manufacturing defects.
  10. Parts or lubricants of Suzuki vehicles that have their life cycles or have deteriorated under normal use such as oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, spark plugs, front and read brake pads, clutch linings, lamp bulbs, fuses, gaskets, O-rings, engine mounts, belts, tubing, rubber hoses, plastic parts, windshield wipers, grease, lubricants, gear lubricants, brake fluid, power steering fluid, distilled water, coolant, refrigerant, drive belts, timing belts, body parts, glass, trim pieces, wheels and tires, interior decorative materials such as headliners, interior door panels, seat upholstery materials, consoles, lamps, audio and video players, speakers, consumable parts such as wheel bearings, shock absorbers, rubber parts such as door rubber seals and hood bumper cushions.
  11. Costs incurred in using services such as towing, accommodation, food, car rental and medical care plus the cost of lost time and other expenses arising out of the Suzuki vehicle’s breakdown during a journey.
  12. Suzuki vehicles on which the odometer has been altered or on which the actual mileage can’t be readily determined.
  13. Suzuki vehicles of which the faulty or damaged parts have been removed without approval from an aftersales service unit of Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
  14. Suzuki vehicles on which the body paint has developed discolored spots or fading or rust spots caused by improper maintenance or lack of required maintenance.
  15. Rattling noises, excessive vibration, wear and tear or any deterioration of the Suzuki vehicle that can occur under normal use.
  16. Tires of the Suzuki vehicle that are covered by the tire manufacturer or the tire seller’s warranty.
  17. Adjustment of the Suzuki vehicle’s headlights is considered normal maintenance.

Guidelines on how to maintain your claim on your car assurance

  1. To maintain your claim on your car assurance, please bring your vehicle in for periodic checkups/servicing scheduled from 1,000 km to 100,000 km. The company provides 4 free checkups at 1,000 km / 10,000 km / 20,000 km and 30,000 km respectively without a labor fee (Spare parts and engine oil are among exceptions). For checkups at other mileage intervals, the car owner will be responsible for labor and spare part fees.
  2. Ignorance of recommended, scheduled maintenance that should be performed from 1,000 km to 100,000 km means abandonment of your assurance claim. If your car is damaged, you will be responsible for a fee.
  3. To maximize your car’s performance, attending routine checkups every 10,000 km at your own expense is recommended.
  4. After a drive on a beach or by the seaside, it is recommended that your car should be washed and cleaned with freshwater.
  5. After traversing muddy surfaces, you are recommended to bring your vehicle in for servicing and brake cleaning.
  6. After a drive in the floodwater as high as the driveshaft, you are recommended to bring your vehicle in for a powertrain system fluid change.
  7. When there is any anomaly while driving, please immediately contact a service center.

Extended warranty coverage policy, terms, and conditions

Extended warranty coverage policy, terms, and conditions