24 hrs – emergency car’s malfunction service

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24 hrs – emergency car’s malfunction service

•    Unlimited emergency car’s malfunction service.
•    Unlimited car lifting/dragging service to the nearest service center or any place that the member wants within 20 kilometers. If the distance is more than 20 kilometers, 25 baht will be charged per extra kilometer travelled.
•    24-hour consultant service in case of accident or malfunction.
•    In case of mistakenly locking the car, the staff will provide spare keys at the place of incident within 20 kilometers (25 baht per kilometer will be charged if the distance is more than 20 kilometers). In case of key mechanic expert need to enter the car, the member must be agreed and responsible for the key mechanic.
•    Gas service for 1 time per year (not more than 5 liters) in case of emergence gas to let the member drive to the nearest gas station. The next time there will be free coordination charge but the member will be responsible for the gas fee.
•    Car replacement: in case of the member’s car needs car dragging/lifting service, the member can rent a car replacement service where call center will coordinate and provide a temporary car in which the member will be responsible for the rent fee and other charges according to the conditions of the car rental company.

Emergency medical service (in case of road accident)

•    Transportation service to hospital near the member’s residence (domestic only).
•    Transportation service to other appropriate hospital, in case the visited hospital is incapable of providing medication to the member. The decision is up to medical director of Mondial and patient’s doctor (within Thailand only).
•    Family member transportation service (domestic only) in case the member needs medication or transportation.
•    Body transportation (within Thailand only).



•    1-800-600-900 (free of charge when calling from local home phone)
•    1-401-600-900 (3 baht/minute charge when calling from mobile nationwide)



1.    Free 24-hour emergency service for 3 years (except Carry)
2.    Emergency service does not cover accident and natural disaster
3.    Emergency medical service provides the maximum coverage of 200,000 Baht (within Thailand only).