We are pleased to offer our valuable customer good services to ensure you in every trip.

Standard Service

Quality is met with standard to ensure your trust

Every Suzuki’s service center has been qualified by Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Therefore, you can be sure about our service quality. We are willingly to be at your service and will never overlook your needs.

Use Technology as equipment to analyze problems

Vehicle checkup according to maintenance schedule helps your vehicle to be in good shape and ready to be used. However, vehicle’s performance needs much more delicate checkup. Suzuki’s service centers use technology to analyze issues of Suzuki vehicles, SDT – II ((Smart Diagnostic Tester - Two)). We are aware that the vehicles are more complicated currently therefore, we can precisely examine and analyze primary issues without any dissemblance.

We use real spare parts with assurance

You can be sure that our spare parts are the same with those of the manufacturers which are designed specifically for Suzuki car. They are also quality assured by engineering team that they are durable and meet with the standard.

Every mechanic knows your Suzuki

Before becoming technical mechanic at Suzuki’s service center, everyone needs to pass the evaluation from Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in both theory and practice. Even if they are already mechanics, they still need to attend knowledge domain and technology training to keep themselves up-to-date. Therefore, every mechanic is a specialist and experienced. Customer’s safety is their first concern and it has always been the heart of Suzuki’s service.

Save more in long term

•    Real spare parts: more durable
•    Assurance: Having records of attending vehicle maintenance as scheduled in manual helps you keep your assurance claim.
•    Every Suzuki vehicle comes with 3 years or 100,000 kilometers warranty and free labor cost for 30,000 km.