‘Suzuki’ holds “Best Dealer Award 2020/2021” Listing the names of 10 Best Dealers of the Year, Aiming to uplift customer service sector to ensure the highest satisfaction


17 December 2021 – Bangkok – Mr. Minoru Amano, President of Suzuki Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. informed that one of the most important management directions for Suzuki is how the company can continue to strive alongside Thai society and have the trust of Thai consumers. He stressed that Suzuki has always been committed to develop its customer service sector within every dealership, not only because Suzuki wants to see higher growth for the company, but it also wants to create confidence and trust among its customers, so as to propel forward alongside the Thai people sustainably.

In the past, ‘Suzuki Motor Thailand’ has been organizing a contest to select the best dealership of the year with an aim to constantly improve the quality of all sectors within Suzuki dealerships. The contest has become a stimulation and encouragement for all Suzuki dealerships to continually develop themselves and become role models for others in the business in Thailand. Furthermore, Mr. Amano said, the continuous improvements display the dealerships’ commitment in providing customers with sincere and warm services for always being there to support Suzuki.

According to Mr. Amano, this is the fourth year in a row that Suzuki has set up the Best Dealer Award 2020/2021, where every dealership across the country has confirmed their participation. For this year, the theme of the contest is, “Cause We Care: The Principle that Leads to Sustainable Management”.

Mr. Amano highlighted that Suzuki and all of its dealerships desire the same goal, that is to advance the potential of the personnel; where ideas are exchanged between the executives and dealerships to create a direction in which information from both ends are shared, further developed and implemented to continuously improve the management sector successfully.

Mr. Wallop Treererkngam, Executive Director for Sales and Marketing of Suzuki Motor (Thailand), meanwhile, said the objective of the ‘Best Dealer Award 2020/2021 is the commitment from every dealership to provide the best care to the customers under the Suzuki’s motto of ‘Suzuki Cause We Care’. He noted that, so far, each dealership has set the target in the same direction, with the same goal and clear operational purposes – starting with good internal management. The executives at every dealership will encourage and instill in the minds of every employee on the ‘love to serve’, while securing pathways for knowledge and skill developments to ensure professionality. Cooperation between different sector within the company is also encouraged to establish the best organizational persona, while lifting the spirit of the employee in order for them to relay heartfelt services to the customers. This distinctly affirm the confidence among consumers on Suzuki’s quality services, all of whom Suzuki sees as a family member.

For this year’s contest, out of the 127 dealerships nationwide, 10 have been chosen for the ‘Best Dealer Award 2020/2021’, as they have met the qualifications Suzuki has set during the past year. The 10 dealerships then had to present their visions and future management plans in a competition. Out of those who participated, one was chosen as the ‘Best of the Best Dealer 2020/2021’ award, while the rest were provided with the ‘Platinum Dealer 2020/2021’ awards. The following dealerships were unanimously awarded with the prizes:

Best of the Best Dealers 2020/2021

● Mr. Somchok Kotmanee, Supanyontrakarn Trading Co.,Ltd., Nonthaburi province.

Platinum dealers 2020/2021

● Mr. Sanawuth Klangcharoenpongpa, Klang Automobile Co.,Ltd., Nakhon Ratchasima province.

● Mr. Chayatorn Utenpatanun, R-Heng Wattana Co.,Ltd., Khon Kaen province.

● Mr. Nathaphol Utaranakorn, Areemit Auto Sales Co.,Ltd., Mahasarakham province.

● Mr. Warut Kathinthong, Navasuzuki Pathumthanee Co.,Ltd., Pathum Thani province.

● Mr. Phubate Thitikritanon, D. Four Car City Co., Ltd., Bangkok.

● Mr. Thanakarn Suwannasang, A.N.N. Auto Sales (2016) Co., Ltd. Narathiwat province.

● Mr. Kittipong Sakulkhoo, Suzuki Jieng Udon Co., Ltd. Beung Karn province.

● Mr. Peerapat Sitthiyanurak, Suzuki Hua Hin (Sitthiphan) Co., Ltd. Phrachubkirikhan province.

● Mr. Somkiat Arunvarakorn, Sor. Aroon Sales Service Center Co.,Ltd. - Pisanuluk province.

Mr. Wallop further informed that for every contest, Suzuki was able to create a new generation of business executives who have the skills and ethics that will help ensure Suzuki’s sustainable success. Not only that, their fresh ideas and the modern technological advancement will help guarantee customer’s highest level of satisfactions, both before and after sales.

All in all, Suzuki Motor (Thailand) hopes the competition will help assure customers will receive the best of the best of services, leading each and every driver to become more confidence in the Suzuki brand; starting right at the first step when they enter the showroom, all the way to the after sales services after the vehicle was safely delivered. Suzuki sincerely hopes that all of its customers will receive the best experience with Suzuki and will trust Suzuki to continue to walk along the Thai society long into the future.

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